Tuesday, April 16, 2013

14 Weeks In...26 To Go!

I'm 14 weeks along and officially into the second trimester-yay me! I cannot say I had a perfect Paleo/Primal first semester but I can say I ate healthier and had less stress than with Munchkin. Figuring out why I was craving certain foods certainly helped me get back on track when serious food cravings caused a derailment, but I have to admit to giving in to exhaustion and sometimes eating too much fruit (or a candy bar), rather than an actual meal. Fasting is not good women in general, and I can't think it would be too great for preggies either, but I have done a lot of that as well (some days just the thought of food was enough for a rush to the powder room.) Looking back sugar was definably my nemesis-the amount of chocolate and fruit I consumed is downright embarrassing. I was still getting plenty of healthy protein and fats though, so I can't be too hard on myself. And besides, the point is to eat as healthy as possible, not to become a food nazi.

Thankfully the worst seems to be over, hooray for the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy. Most of the all-day queasiness has subsided and there are even days I actually feel awake instead of in a semi-coma! Whoo-hoo! With more energy I am starting to feel like cooking again, which makes me realize just what is in our refrigerator. Oh dear, time for a clean-out and some shopping!

On Saturday we drove into the city to visit the big Farmer's Market for the first time. Normally we frequent the smaller market in our own little town but it doesn't start up until June and I wanted to see what the BIG market had. What a sight!! How have I been missing this place for so long? (Oh yeah, its downtown where I hate/refuse to drive.) Since its so early in the season there wasn't a wide variety of items, mostly cold weather stuff like kale and chard, but look how pretty everything is:

We picked up a bundle of kale and a few pounds of carrots though I was very tempted by a lot of other things, including organic honeycomb and baby bok choy. Honestly there was just so much there I was like a kid in a candy store-trying not to spend my allowance on everything in sight. I knew I still had some produce at home that needed eaten up so I kept the purchases at a minimum, though I really should have gotten more carrots. By the time we got back to the car Munchkin was begging for one and before we got out of the parking lot she'd already inhaled it and was asking for another. They were very sweet and tasty, so much better than anything at the store.

After the Farmer's Market we stopped by the butcher and picked up a huge order of grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, pork, and lamb. See? I'm serious about this getting back on track stuff. In fact, I might have gotten just a little overzealous, now you can't open our freezer without being attacked by frozen beef. Its odd how a one pound package of hamburger can become a deadly missile from only a few feet up, I'm pretty sure my pinkie toe will never be the same again.

Out in the garden everything is puttering along slowly. I have a few small potato and spinach leaves starting to peek above the ground but not much else. Its been pretty cold the last few weeks so I may have planted too early, oh well, they'll eventually grow. I found a great source for composted horse manure and hope to have a few yards brought out this weekend (depending on the weather). That will really help to get some good nutrients into the soil, plus its pretty wormy. Gotta love the wigglers! Inside the tomato and broccoli seedlings are doing so well I'll probably need to up-pot them soon. I can't wait for the first tomato of summer! I flat out drool looking at these little seedlings, envisioning what they'll be producing in a few months.

According to my hero Erika over at Northwest Edible Life its time to start planting squash, cucumbers, and basil indoors; while all the cool-loving kids can be direct-sown outside. A slight gardening emergency has arrived in that I have no (brace yourselves) kale seeds!! Ahhhhhhhh!! And none of the local stores have dino kale! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Which may mean a road trip to the home of Territorial Seeds for a few packets of seeds (plus whatever else falls into the basket *cough*). Yes, I will contemplate driving over an hour just for a packet of seeds. (Hubby has pointed out that they have a mailing service, I may do that instead of wasting the gas.)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dealing With Cravings

When I was pregnant with Munchkin I didn't have very many food cravings. Honestly, it was such a fight to keep food down that I never really thought about what my body might be craving or needing. I ended up eating a lot of pb and j sandwiches (one of the few things that tasted good and didn't immediately come back up), saltines, toast, and other bland items. At that point I had done Atkins a few times with great results but hadn't stumbled upon the Paleo or Primal diet yet.

This time around I am constantly craving food, even though I feel seasick nearly all day long. Hot, spicy Chinese food and sweet stuff like chocolate are at the top of the food cravings, and yes, I have not been eating 100% clean the past few weeks.

Its obvious I need something, but what? Searching the internet it seems that a craving for spicy food could mean a lack of zinc in the diet. It may also be a sign that the body is having trouble regulating its temperature. Well that makes a ton of sense-I'm either hot or freezing. Time to get more zinc in the diet! Once I upped my intake of spinach, kale, and berries my need for high carb Chinese evaporated.

My chocolate cravings seemed to be tied to a lack of magnesium so I started adding strips of dried seaweed to my bone broth, which helped but...chocolate. There's a lot more to THAT craving than just a low mineral. I have managed to eat more fruit and keep the chocolate nibbles to a minimum, though.

As for the rest of my diet I have been eating like I normally would: lots of protein, tons of veggies (and thank goodness spring veggies are starting to show up) fruits like berries, and some nuts. I have been trying to eat more fish, though I can never see fish being a favorite protein for me. I am also taking a pre-natal vitamin and extra folic acid, just to ensure all my bases are covered.

While cravings can be hard to overcome it is possible. My suggestion for everyone out there (not just the mommies to be) is to look at what you are craving and ask your doctor (or do some research) and see if you are craving that food for a dietary reason. I never would have thought eating more kale would stop my Chinese cravings in their tracks. Then look and see if there is a psychological reason. I know for a fact my chocolate needs come from years of grabbing a candy bar whenever I was sad or had a rough day. Breaking THAT habit is hard, but it can be done!

Now to go throw together a big salad for lunch with spinach, romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers (sadly, hothouse ones), leftover grilled sirloin, and cherry tomatoes (again, hothouse). Yum!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Howdy Again!

It's been quite some time since my last post. Things have been exciting, exhausting, and just time-consuming. I apologize to y'all for disappearing.

First off: the baby is doing awesome! We were able to see the squirmy little critter at an early ultrasound and everything looks good.

Me: All my tests have come back perfect, and while I struggle with morning/all day sickness this pregnancy hasn't been quite so difficult as Munchkin's. Personally I think its because I'm not in a high-stress job. Plus,  I'm eating much healthier food, even on the days I cheat and have a high-carb item I still have more veggies and protein than I did before. My biggest complaint is that I've already outgrown all my normal clothes!

School: Its...its going. I find myself struggling to remember important facts and dozing off while reading. I will be very thankful when school is over for the year.

Garden: So far I have planted lettuce, bok choy, carrots and potatoes in the veggie garden; and broccoli and tomatoes in the greenhouse. On deck is to get a load of manure/compost to help break up the clay-y part of the veggie garden and then get the kale planted while its still cool. Every time I look at the tiny tomato seedlings my mouth waters for summer tomatoes.

Life In General: I find myself struggling between extreme nesting syndrome (wanting to paint the whole house, get started on major remodeling projects, and other major tasks) and wanting to just lay on the couch and doze. I have a goal to start walking a mile a day but...yeah, it hasn't happened yet.

How are you guys doing?