Science Stuff

Blog posts and newsletters full of information regarding the Primal Diet including recipes, success stories, links to studies, and other important information for newbies and experienced primal peeps.

A former research biochemist and California State Powerlifting Champion, Robb Wolf offers scientific explanations (in an easy to read and understand format) on how and why the Paleo Diet works. 

A former medical research (who opted to become a stay at home mom when the kiddos came), Sarah's posts explain the science behind the paleo diet and its modifications, along with delicious recipes, ways to get the family on board, and candid views of family life.

Whole 9
Covering health, fitness, and staying balanced in this crazy world; as well as home to the Whole30 program, the team at Whole9 provide a wealth of information that is useful for everyone (not just paleo/primal lifestylers).

Real Food Recipe Collections
A collection of user-submitted paleo recipes that range from meats to treats.

A collection of paleo-friendly meals and resources with beautiful pictures and easy to follow instructions.

Paleo recipes from all across the foodie world. Click on the picture and it will take you to the recipe. Tons to choose from!

Recipe Blogs/Sites

A Celiac baker, Elana offers rich, delicious protein packed recipes that delight paleo and non-paleo eaters. 

Gorgeous food porn from two of paleo's most awesome parents, including recipes, restaurant reviews, and a look into the life of two full-time working parents and their kiddos.

An ex-Marine who loves to cook, George's site offers a wealth of recipes that span from proteins to crockpot cookery to season-specific paleo baked goods.

Recipes, recipes, recipes! Along with downloadable apps to help make paleo cooking easier and interesting blog posts on all aspects of health and daily living.

Stuff I Buy

Gourmet Grassfed
Paleo-friendly jerky and meaty snacks that are tasty as well as being gluten, soy, sugar, dairy, and GMO free. Plus made with grass-fed beef provided by small farms. Win-win!

Amazon Grocery List
Coming soon!

How to save money, retire early, and stop wasteful spending. Common sense and humor? This dude has it (and you'll be amazed how many stupid things you are doing with your dollars and not even realizing it.)

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