Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why I Still Buy Sugar

A couple weeks ago I was at Costco. As I was waiting in line I was discreetly checking out the other carts and playing little mind games to keep myself occupied. Ooohhhh look at all the beer and chips! Someone must be having a party! Hey look, I bet that person is a paleo/primal peep too (should I grab some sausages while I'm here?)-you know, the same stuff the rest of you do (admit it).

I was pretty proud of my own choices until the 10 pound bag of sugar in my cart caught my eye. What card-carrying member of the primal tribe buys a TEN POUND bag of sugar. The Paleo Police would have me arrested and put into solitary, and even the more relaxed primal peeps would be shaking their collective heads in sadness.

Don't worry folks. Its not for me.

At some point I will start up the kombucha brewing system again (and we'll start using sugar to feed the SCOBY) but until then the tiny feathery bombs are the only ones in the house enjoying the stuff.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good bye Ol Man

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. We lost a family member and we're all a little in shock.

Rest in peace Koda. You were always there for me and my heart is empty without you here.

Surefire's Kodiak Bear "The Ol Man" December 2nd, 2002-July 23rd, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Budget Review- Week 4

Its that time of the week again!

Total: $125.89

Produce- $15.73
Meat- $0.00
Canning- $33.42
Dairy/Eggs- $10.67
Non-Food- $0.00
Misc- $66.07

Still not where I want to be but its getting better. I know Hubby is working on curbing his sugary/carby fixes (notice the Misc is going down?) but its still an area that needs some work. I went over budget in the canning department since it was the last week of U-Pick cherries and we ended up picking way more than we needed. Thankfully they freeze well and once it cools off I'll turn them into jams.

This next week looks to be expensive, what with almost all our non-food items (such as laundry soap) are running low. Today we'll make a run to Costco to stock back up and I cringe at what its going to do to the budget. Buying bulk does save quite a bit though, we'll just have to keep that Misc category down to balance things for the week.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Garden Update

The garden is slowly coming along. The past few weeks of hot weather has brought on tons of flowers of even some baby squashes. No doubt in another week or two I'll be up to my eyeballs in zucchini.

Spaghetti squash blossom.This year I'm trying more vertical gardening techniques and so far the spaghettis are doing AWESOME! Better than they've done in the past 3 years of planting. 

Little baby spaghetti. I'll have to figure out someway to support the weight as they get bigger. I've seen others use mesh bags, or even knit little purses. My knitting skills are non-existent so its doubtful they'll get the cute fuzzy treatment.

One of the zucchini plants. I only planted three thinking that would be just enough. Maybe I should have stuck to one.

The potatoes did extremely well. So well in fact they were choking each other and everything around them out so I pulled them early. Got quite a bit of taters for how few plants I put in though.

The leafy plants are doing fairly well, if growing very slowly. The tomatoes are starting to flower and I took the first cutting of broccoli yesterday, while the carrots and onions are looking lush and strong. 

In the flower beds the bees are busy, busy, busy.

And best of all Hubby started on the blueberry bed. Which is awesome since Munchkin denuded the two poor bushes we already have. Time to add more bushes. (And fix the fence *sigh*.)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Budget Review- Week 3

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!! Between the nation, the family, and friends we spent a good chunk of this week celebrating. Which was fun, but...not great on the wallet.

Total: $227.43

Produce- $21.16
Meat- $12.01
Canning- $0.00
Dairy/Eggs- $6.59
Misc- $187.67

Actually, if you ignore that horrendous Miscellaneous category we were BELOW budget this week by almost $10 bucks! Whoo-hoo! Unfortunately, a lot of that Misc stuff was off-road food (about $88 bucks worth *ouch*) as well as non-food items. Ugh! Must work on keeping that crud out of the house, even if its a holiday/party!! (Hubby, are you reading this??)

A late Happy 4th of July to you all!!

Photo from Wikipedia Commons

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Budget Review- Week 2

The last week of June was rather spendy for the household, but it was expected:

Total: $746.27

Produce- $304.33
Meats- $313.77
Canning- $32.14
Dairy/Eggs- $9.14
Misc- $86.89

Yeah, $700+ bucks was a lot to pony up at once but I now have a freezer stuffed with meat (at least 3 months' worth) and the CSA will last till December, which means our veggies are covered for the next 5 or so months. So...its a lot at once but when you look at the numbers spread out it made sense to go this route. 

We did manage to stay closer to the grocery lists this week, but still went off-list a couple times. That Misc. category really needs to be controlled. Some of those items were non-food, but many were *cough* off-road items that I hadn't thought to budget in. Slight wrinkle in my plans, I didn't even think about the occasional off-road adventure (because, you know, we were going to perfect for the next 3 months without ANY off-roading. Ooops, welcome to the real world.). Hmm...how to budget that in?

Joining the CSA really freed up some cash and I'm now going to include non-food items (like toilet paper, ect) into the budget. Right now I'm shooting to stay under $84 a week, which at the moment seems more than do-able. Am I nuts? Well, lets see what the next two weeks brings.

By the way, Hubby has started a fitness program and is tracking his progress over at Martian Fitness, check him out!

Edit-OK, y'all know I'm horrible at math. Hubby pointed out that since we'd used up all our meat budget and a chunk of our produce budget then from now till September our weekly budget would be lower. 

So, after doing the math again, our weekly budget is actually around $50. If I did the math correctly this time. : )