Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ahhhhhh Martha!

I subscribe to the Martha Stewart Living catalog, mostly because I love to see the new and interesting things I could make if I just had the skill/time/inclination. Around the holidays I used to rely on the magazine for recipes, especially for cookies and cakes; and my family's favorite roasted turkey is still the recipe from the November 2006 magazine: Roast Turkey with Quince Glaze.

Since cutting out sugar and processed carbs however, Martha has not been my friend. Usually her recipes call for an ingredient I don't really want to add and when I've tried to substitute with a different version (honey in place of sugar for example) I didn't get great results. The last few months have been especially trying with all the sweet, gooey, holiday fair.

So it was pleasantly surprising to sit down with the April edition and find recipes for leg of lamb stew, roasted asparagus, baked salmon, and an entire section of eggs. True the egg section leans more towards sugary desserts but the leg of lamb stew had me drooling. I do believe a store run is needed to add to the supplies!

Today we have a picnic planned, though as I look out the window at thick gray clouds I have to wonder if its a very good plan. I need to go to the fish weir to interview the biologists about the fish runs. Since the weir grounds have been turned into a park/teaching area with some minor hiking trails along the river I figured on dragging the family with me and making it a day of being out in the fresh air. A toddler in the cold and wet doesn't exactly sound like fun though. Here's hoping those clouds will pass by and the sun will shine!

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