Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What the...? Its been almost 3 weeks since I last posted! How did that happen!!??

Well, its been busy. We had a wonderful time visiting my folks though we weren't able to eat 100% clean (ahhhh Dad's biscuits and gravy, so so tasty!) Once home Hubby had several back to back business trips and we hardly saw him for the rest of September. School started on the 24th and I made the big decision not to take a math class. I am already less stressed out this term though I worry I may forgot everything I learned over the summer.

Plus, my pony arrived! I was super excited and as soon as she was settled at the barn we started riding. I never realized how many muscles are worked just sitting there but I've been so sore! Its a great feeling. Since we are both so out of shape we've mostly been walking and trotting around the arena to build muscle tone, and doing stretching exercises (think pony yoga). Soon I hope to start trail riding and doing more extreme workouts but for now we are having a lot of fun just getting to know one another.

The weather has been getting cooler and the fall colors are starting to be more pronounced. Every day the yard has a scattering of dry, brown, leaves from the many oaks that surround the place. In town some of the maples are starting to turn red and yellow. 

With the cooler temps the gardens are starting to slow down. Most of the flowers have gone to seed creating interesting textures with their dried flower stalks. The veggie garden still has tomatoes loaded with green fruit and the pole beans have a few pods plumping up but its taking longer and longer for things to ripen.

Yesterday we cleaned out the pantry and set up the grow station in preparation for bringing plants indoors. I took cuttings from the poinsettia plant and nestled them in their own little pots as well as planted a few herbs. By the time the outdoor herbs are gone these little guys will be ready to use. As the weather continues to cool I will slowly bring in the house plants from the patio and deck.

It makes me a little sad to feel the growing season winding down though October is my favorite month of the year. There are still many warm days before winter sets in though and I'm determined to enjoy every single one of them! What are your favorite fall activities?

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