Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Holidays!

No matter how, or what, you celebrate December is filled with lights, bright colors, and plenty of tempting foods just begging to be nibbled. It its a time of added stress, special foods, and Auntie Mae insisting you are too thin and simply must eat another cookie/roll/plate of cinnamon rolls.

Ah, family. Ya gotta love'em.

December 1st starts the beginning of the holiday season for my family. It is usually the day we pull out all the decorations, clean the house, and put away the last of the Thanksgiving/Fall items but today we decided to focus on responsible stuff rather than decorating. We worked on homework (me) and slide decks (hubby) while Munchkin spent the day with Grandma helping her decorate her house. Yes, I was jealous, but I got a difficult paper finished and submitted so it wasn't a wasted day. Only one more paper to finish and two final tests then winter vacation will begin!

Last year I gave up healthy eating during December. I paid for it later but I wasn't willing to give up the cookies and nibbles and all the other junk that always seem to heap up. This year I plan to keep the cookie and candy making traditions alive but will concentrate on the joy of making, rather than eating, and then give those goodies away to friends and neighbors or send them with hubby to work. Yes, you heard me right. I plan to poison the neighborhood with sugar and gluten!

The team over at Whole9 has a wonderful post about holiday eating and I recommend it. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

What are your plans for the holiday season? How will you combat the glut of goodies?

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