Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Updates

It has been weeks since I’ve sat down and written anything. I’ve had a bazillion ideas that I’ve wanted to share with y’all but by the time I get to the computer (or paper and pen) all I do is doodle or surf Facebook. So many ideas on Pinterest…so little time!

Out in the garden the seedlings have all left the safety of the greenhouse and are in their permanent spots. For the first time I have home-grown tomatoes flowering in May!
I still have the outdoor sowing to do-summer squashes and beans that the slugs devoured in the greenhouse, more broccoli and cauliflower for a succession crop, carrots and more root veggies, plus anything else I can cram in between. Other than that the spring garden is set and I’m looking ahead to the summer planting session.

With Hubby going back to work part-time there has been a lot of change in the house. Stress-levels are high as the kiddos learn to wait their turns and I’m struggling to fit back into “single-parent” mindset. I never realized how much having another adult helped me out, even if it was just holding Tadpole while Munchkin helps me make dinner. I attempted baby-wearing for one day and had to give it up-my back just couldn’t handle the extra weight. Thankfully Tadpole doesn’t seem to mind hanging out in her exersaucer rather than being carried, too much.

We are starting to find a groove though, and the best part is its forcing me to exercise more. Our town is small enough that all our activities are within easy range and while Hubby was quick to jump in the car I’m taking advantage of the situation and walking everywhere. The kiddos are loving zooming (well, more like ambling but I’m trying to up my speed) around in the stroller and I’m enjoying the soreness. I even have the start of a tan! 

Happy 1st birthday Grizzly!

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