Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Garden in July

July's weather has been just weird. First there was a heat wave, which the garden loved, but the past week has been cooler and rainy. It almost feels like early autumn rather than the middle of summer. No doubt the heat will return though, and the rain was very needed. I decided to cut back on watering this year and am experimenting with heavy mulching and soaker hoses. So far I've had a great reduction in water useage but little issue with plant growth, though the yards are rather yellow-ish. I can live with that though, as long as the gardens are happy.

Yellow squash "Sunray Hybrid"
Yesterday I started planting for a fall garden: more beans, broccoli, snap peas, and  cabbages. In the middle of July it seems odd to be thinking about October's harvest but I'm determined to eat from the garden year round.

Sweet Cherry Tomato
 Along with getting more seeds in the ground I'm starting to look around for PVC and greenhouse plastic to make more row covers. I've been scouting through Craigslist and Freecycle for things that could be re-used, re-made, or are just quirky. I'm also beginning to hoard free pallets to build a new-to-me garden shed/chicken coop to replace the ugly metal thing currently taking up space. I'd love for the chickens to wander the garden during the winter, eating bugs and spreading free fertilizer.

Onion bloom
Speaking of chickens, this year's baby chicks are getting big! We removed the partition between the big girls and the littles and so far everyone is getting along fabulously.

  About the only thing not doing well in the garden are the fruit trees. Leaf curl has removed all the leaves from the peach tree and I'm not sure if it will recover. These poor trees, they were an impulse purchase when I saw them on sale and then they were drug from one corner of the yard to another while I tried to make up my mind where they should be planted. They were in the pots way, WAY too long.

I still have this one pear to look forward to, though!

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