Friday, November 7, 2014

Must Try-Venison w/Blueberry Sauce and Balsamic Roasted Cauliflower

When Pinterest first came out I hated it. I would see something that I had to make, or learn more about, or flat out buy, click the link and go nowhere. Sometimes there'd be a brief bit of text "isn't this GORGEOUS! I found it at" and then I would spend hours trying to find only to wallow in a stew of disappointment and annoyance. So I ignored Pinterest for a couple years, loftily pronouncing it a worthless site whenever my friends would sing it praises, and happy in my ignorant freedom.

Until someone sent me a link to a recipe, saying I HAD to try it. And I clicked.

I'm not sure if the site had changed since I'd last been there or what but wow! Pictures! Pictures everywhere! And links!! Beautiful links that led to stories, recipes, instructions!! I was in DIY heaven!! And the recipes! Recipes everywhere!!! Of course I started 'pinning' and now I have 20 boards worth of ideas and I'm constantly being sucked into the time vortex that is Pinterest.

Tonight I was at a loss for supper ideas and had the bright idea to look in my 'Must Try' folder. Hmmm...venison? Check. Cauliflower? Check.

First up was Hunter Angler Gardener Cook's Icelandic Venison with Blueberry Sauce. I was unable to go hunting this year but my dad and brothers were all able to fill their tags and they shared some of their catch with me. I pulled out a package of mule deer tenderloins and got cooking.

The recipe was very simple and extremely quick to put together. In fact, it came together so fast I spent a touch too long on the sides and let the venison cooked more than I like. Hubby and Tadpole scarfed it up (Hubby even had seconds) but Munchkin pronounced it 'ew' and barely touched her plate. She doesn't care much for recipes that include wine so I wasn't too surprised.

For a side I went with Paleo Grub's Balsamic Roasted Cauliflower. I had two heads of cauliflower from last week's CSA box threatening to turn brown if I didn't use them up, and quite honestly I'm sick of the cauliflower n' cheese recipe that Hubby loves. A roasted veggie sounded perfect with the venison, and it would use these heads up. I changed the recipe a touch in that I used the last of my cherry balsamic vinegar I made last year rather than regular. I'm not sure if this change was a good idea as everyone found the dish rather tart. Personally, I liked it-the cauliflower flavor was quite strong (and I like the taste of cauliflower) with a touch of nuttiness and tart fruit that I found intriguing. Next time I will use regular balsamic.

As a second side I roasted a bunch of carrots, then mashed them with a touch of honey, a tablespoon of melted butter, salt, and a bit of parsley. I had this idea that they'd end up like mashed potatoes, which they did. Kinda. Not nearly as smooth and nowhere near fluffy, but still tasty. Eh, its was fast and made the plates colorful.

And here's my dinner plate:

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