Saturday, January 3, 2015

Whole30-Day 2

Let the sugar coma begin! I'm not really sure I woke up today. I stumbled out of bed and drug myself from daybreak till now but I don't think I'm really awake. A couple evil gnomes pounded on my temples till nearly noon, then magically vanished. If I'd had my way I would have crawled back in bed and hid from the day but the two kidlets decided they wanted to do kidlet eat and run around. I compromised with My Little Ponies.

I did manage to keep my eats clean:

Breakfast. Inspired by Melissa Joulwan's hot plates recipes in Well Fed I sauteed a hunk of purple cabbage in goose fat and tossed in leftover taco meat. Munchkin asked if purple "salad" would turn her eyes purple, then proceeded to scarf up all of her cabbage. Tadpole was more interested in the beef, though she did try a bite of cabbage. This dish was about all I had the energy to throw together. It was fairly boring but it filled the belly. (We shared an apple as well.)

(Note blurry pic-this was the best I could do.)

Lunch was even easier-leftover chicken soup. I should have had a second bowl though, I was starving by 5pm. Half an apple, a handful of carrot sticks, and a couple bites of ham did little to silence the hunger pains. And of course, dinner took much longer to come together than planned. At least it was tasty:

Roast chicken (only half a breast-these were fairly big), green beans and bacon, and a big pile of green salad with carrots, dressed with some of the pan drippings. The bacon might not have been Whole30 approved though, it came from the local butcher so didn't have an ingredients for me to check. Something I'll have to remember going forward.

Later I had a small bowl of blackberries and coconut chips for a sweet:

Day 2 complete...can I somehow skip forward to Day 6 when the coma lifts?

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