Monday, April 23, 2012

Early Summer

The weather has done a 180 and gone from cold, wet, typical Pacific Northwest spring,to brilliant blue skies and temps in the 80s. I love it! It will probably only last a few days so I haven't gone all out dragging the air conditioners from storage or retiring the heaters for the year just yet but I'm hoping when the clouds come back and the temperatures drop back to normal it won't be quite as cold.

The plants are loving the heat and sunshine. The stargazers have popped out of the ground and the grapes and maple trees are leafing out. The hyacinths are fading and being replaced with bluebells and the slugs have appeared. Time to start putting out traps and try and control the slimy critters-they tend to enjoy my flowers a little too much to ignore.

The plan this past weekend was to till the veggie garden and plant a bunch of seeds but we didn't get too it. Unfortunately homework took precedent so while I stared longingly at the bare patch (actually not so bare, the weeds are starting to take over) I was forced to do math problems and write essays. *sigh*

I am starting to eyeball the weeds that have taken advantage of our late start and considering "harvesting" the dandelion leaves and pigweed for veggies. Also, surprisingly, the Swiss chard from last year has regrown-I didn't realize it was a perennial. So, even though I wasn't on the ball, we do have a few spring veggies available this year. Now to find new recipes for these finds-any suggestions?

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