Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring! (I think its finally here)

Can you believe it? Less than two weeks ago we had 8 inches of snowfall but today I've got all the doors and windows open and the sunshine is streaming in. The yards and gardens are nothing but mud but all the hyacinths are blooming, last year's pansies and primroses are going nuts and some of the trees are starting to leaf out.

Ahhhh....spring. Makes a person want to drag out the shovel and the wheelbarrow and start cleaning flowerbeds of winter cover. Last weekend I went to a home and garden show and was a little disappointed when there was only one plant vendor. I did find some neat new roofing designs and gutters but what I really wanted was plants and landscaping.

Oh well. The nurseries around town are starting to have more and more plants available and now that we are into April our chances of a freeze are getting lower and lower-which means time to break out the rototiller!!
This year I've decided not to start most of my plants indoors but wait until the ground is warm enough to direct sow the seeds. I'm hoping this might save me the week or two of severe stress my poor seedlings go through every year. I'm also going to try more vertical gardening, supposedly it allows for more air circulation and lowers mold and fungus issues, plus you can get more plants in one area.
Term started today and I'm already making lists and notes. Hopefully with better preparation I won't have the same cram-fests I had last term. Should be an easier term-no science classes and only one math class. Here's toward a 4.0 goal!

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