Sunday, September 2, 2012

Is Summer Gone?

Yesterday we stocked up on groceries ( the freezer is now full of meaty goodness) and started doing some cleanup around the house. It has been so cool during the days lately that we haven't been swimming so we decided to drain the pool and put it up for the year. It doesn't feel like we used it much this summer, in fact, it doesn't feel like summer ever actually came. It makes me sad, as if I missed a good opportunity to do something, not sure what, but something important. Part of it comes from taking summer classes-all my free time was devoted to study and now that they are over I finally have that "free" feeling most kids experienced back in June. I can't believe in 23 days I will be back in the classroom...a degree is worth it, right?

We got a new couch and some wickedly cool Halloween decorative pillows. I started to get out the rest of the fall stuff but stopped. Summer can't really be over this early, can it? I hardly got a tan, or went hiking, never went to the beach or fishing. There was so much I had planned to do and I didn't get any of it done except for schoolwork. I'm half-tempted to tell Hubby to fill the pool back up, as if that would magically turn back the clock and make it hot and summery again. Honestly I just feel utterly depressed at the thought summer is gone even though fall is my favorite time of year. The blues has really gotten a hold of me today.

My garden is doing pretty cruddy, the tomatoes are finally starting to set fruit but with the cold nights and cooler days I'm not sure how many vine-riped ones we will get. The corn is puny and the spaghetti squash has one small fruit that is trying to grow up big before it gets too cold. The broccoli is doing well and I expect the Swiss chard will suddenly go wild again since they both like the cooler temperatures. I need to get the second planting of lettuce and spinach in, as well as start hauling in manure to compost for next season.

The flower beds are looking a little ragged though there is still a lot of color. We are going to hit the nursery today to pick up a couple more dahlias to fill in some gaps from plants that didn't make it through the summer (and the neighbor cats incessant digging) as well as stop by the U-Pick farm and load up. I plan to get a ton of green beans (since the gophers destroyed my plants-honestly, some days I feel like sowing poison everywhere and just killing all the vermin that destroy my pretties), peaches for canning, blueberries for freezing, zucchini, and goodness knows what else. By the time I'm done this house will be so packed with food we won't have to go shopping for weeks, maybe even months!

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