Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Tour of the Home Place

Things are starting to calm down. School is out and I am patiently awaiting final grades. I did a lot better on my math final than expected and I believe I passed the class. Other than worrying about grades I didn't do much today: cleaned the house, washed clothes, all those everyday things.

Since nothing exciting happened today (I didn't even cook, just warmed up leftovers) here are a bunch of pics from around the house:

The newest member of the family: a year old Black Australorp hen. She is laying one egg a a day and terrorizes Henrietta and Penelope. We are planning on building a bigger run for them since she is being such a pill. Her eggs are very tasty though.


My favorite flower: a stargazer lily. Most of the bulb beds are filled with these.

I deadheaded the front beds and put all the better looking flowers in a vase to brighten the kitchen. This little guy hitchhiked in on some crazy daisies and was trekking across a red dahlia when I noticed him.

Tomatoes! They are finally getting ripe!

I have had a ton of hummingbirds visit me this year. They are fun to watch and getting divebombed early in the morning will wake you up fast.

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