Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crockpot Cookery-Beef Tongue

Beef tongue does not look like something you'd want to eat. Its kinda gray and very scaly and...unappetizing.I mean, look at this thing:

 Kinda looks like some sort of weird bedroom slipper, maybe what Lady Gaga wears around the house. So, what can you do with a beef tongue?

Its pretty fatty and the meat is flavorful. Its often used in Mexican cuisine for tacos and burritos (as well as many other cuisines around the world), and is fairly easy to find. Hubby picked this one from the local supermarket and since they had it I'm sure your store has it too.

After searching through my fav primal peep recipes I decided to go with Civilized Caveman's Crock Pot Beef Tongue with Roasted Pepper Sauce recipe. Unfortunately, I didn't have the pepper sauce ingredients (and I was feeling super lazy and didn't want to go to the store) so I opted to shred the meat when it was done cooking and make tacos.

It took about 5 minutes to chop up an onion, crush 6 garlic cloves (we like garlic), toss the tongue in the pot, season, and add water. My kinda dish. I set it on low and forgot about it for 8 hours while we worked on removing the ancient wallpaper from the guest bathroom.

Could I just stop right here and ask why? Why would someone use a metric ton of glue to stick paper to the wall? And why use a rubber compound to seal the bottom edge of the paper? I won't get into the odd wiring going on that was hidden by the covers (just add one more home improvement item to the list).

Anyhow, 8 hours later I dug wallpaper glue out from under my nails, brushed bits of wallpaper from my hair and checked on the tongue. All day the house had been filling with a delicious roast beef smell so my hopes were high. I scooped the tongue from the pot and tried not to laugh at the rather interesting shape it had turned into. Once I manged to get my mind out of the gutter I trimmed off the thick outer skin, shredded the meat with a pair of forks, added some salt and pepper and a bit of pot liquor and ta-da! Beef tongue tacos:

They were quite tasty, just like beef pot roast though the texture was softer, bordering on mushy, which was a little odd. Munchkin gobbled up her share and even Hubby (Mr. Non-Adventurous) said they were good. He then asked that my next weird food experiment not contain pigs feet. Hmmmmm.....I sense a challenge!

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