Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Patience, oh Gardener, Patience

The seed catalogs are starting to fill my mail box and the last couple days of sunshine have made me antsy to get back in the garden. Of course, its still freezing every night and barely gets in the mid-50s during the day. Not exactly prime growing temps but oh, that sun feels so warm...ish.

Hubby brought me a stack of gardening books before he left for a biz trip and I've been scouring through them, taking notes and prepping for this year's growing season. I will be doing a lot more vertical growing this year, as well as adding many heirloom varieties to the line-up. I was very happy with the insane amount of vertically-grown green beans we harvested last year (except for the fact they all ripened at the same time) while taking up very little space. I'm hoping to repeat that bounty with tomatoes and squashes this year.

Over the weekend we went to the home improvement store to pick up a couple bags of mulch and some items for the painting project. At the front door they had long trays of pansies and violas, just begging to be taken home, while in the Garden Section was cyclamen and flowering cabbages.

Look at these beautiful cyclamen! I had to pick up two, plus a bunch of pansies and violas. The violas have such a wonderful, soft scent. On the way home we stopped at Goodwill and I found some cute little buckets to use as flower pots.

Today Munchkin and I worked around the yard. We fixed the tire on the wheelbarrow and used it haul a load of firewood. I love having a full woodbox, the house is so much warmer with a wood fire than using the electric heat. Next, we broke down the cardboard boxes I'd been saving and carried them to the compost heap. We fixed the garden fence that had been damaged during the wind storm and, finally, cleaned the chicken coop.

Once all our chores were done we re-potted the flowers. The bag of potting soil had gotten wet so we were fairly dirty by the time everyone was in their new home but we had a blast. Now the house is full of bright spots of color.

These little guys make me so happy. Even though it is still cold and wet outside, and the worst of winter is still to come, these little guys remind me that spring is just around the corner.

Its like chocolate covered bacon, but for the eyes. 

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