Monday, September 2, 2013

Introducing: Gourmet Grassfed

I am very lucky in my area. There are several farms and ranches who work hard to provide the community with healthy products, including grass-fed, pasture-raised meats. The local farmer's markets carry delicious, lovingly handcrafted food items, and there are always classes of some sort going on so you can learn how to make it yourself.

There is only one thing I can complain about: finding tasty sugar-free, soy-free jerky. Oh, I can make it myself but then that whole laziness thing kicks in (plus slight distractions in the form of small humans. Meat smoked to a powder just isn't appetizing). And while my dad makes some of the best venison jerky around the amount of brown sugar that goes in the marinade would make your head spin. There are some stores that carry specialty dried meats but many contain odd ingredients that I can't spell, let alone say.

What's a girl to do? (Especially a pregnant one that needs her salt fix).

Enter Gourmet Grassfed.

Their range of products includes a Whole30-compliant jerky that ranges from Bold Original to Ginger Teriyaki (yum!), just the thing to keep on hand to ward off potato chip cravings or snack attacks. Personally, since I'm not on Whole30 right now, I'm looking forward to their Grassfed Beef Sticks. Its basically a Slim Jim but made from much healthier ingredients. The Jalapeno flavor is calling my name even as I type!

Gourmet Grassfed is a small business that strives to produce tasty snacks with the best of the best ingredients. Their products are free of gluten, soy, dairy, and GMOs. They are processed as little as possible to keep all those healthy vitamins and nutrients in the product. They source their meat directly from the farmers so not only are you getting an awesome product but you are helping to support real people rather than big businesses. I had a blast clicking on the farm pictures and checking out the farms-seeing the cows all fat and shiny reminded me of those long-ago days growing up on the ranch.

Need more of a reason to give these guys a try? They received two thumbs up from the Whole9 team! (check out the Whole9 page for a special Labor Day discount).

Check out the Gourmet Grassfed blog and give them a like on Facebook. Don't forget to swing by Whole9 as well!

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