Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quick Update

Hi everyone!

We have been rushing around trying to get some last minute things done before Tadpole's big debut and I haven't been writing much-sorry for the lack of posts. Tadpole's room is finished and Phase 1 Bathroom Remodel is almost complete (just need to put the top coat of paint on), while organizing closets and desks has been completed. I can finally walk into the pantry and find anything I want in seconds! Of course, this makes me realize just how little canning I did this year. Oh well, the tomatoes are still waiting for attention.

The gardens are winding down and I've started pulling plants to make room for the winter cover crop. My big plan to fill the space with winter veggies never came together so I'm trying something new. A cover crop helps put nutrients back into the ground, control erosion, and provide green manure in the spring when the crop is tilled into the soil. There are many different types of cover crop out there, from legumes to brassicas to grains. I decided to go with a legume, the crimson clover. Legumes can take nitrogen from the air and fix it into the ground, providing as much nitrogen as fertilizer. And the red blossoms are very pretty. The garden still needs some clean-up before I can start planting though-I really need to get on that.

We've hit 37 weeks and have, officially, reached full term-yay!

My toes are down there somewhere. It'll sure be nice to see them again. Any day now the Tadpole will arrive!

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