Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Recipes: Carrot Cupcakes

I woke up this morning to cold mist and the smell of woodsmoke. The yard was foggy and the occasional breeze caused the leaves to rattle on the branches-summer has truly given way to fall. The leaves have begun to drop and the rains have begun, turning everything green even as the fall reds, yellows, and bronzes are ramping up. If you are in Oregon check out Oregon Fall Foliage to see where the colors are best in your area.

The garden has died down and all that remains is putting the cover crop in (something that should have been done back in August but I've been rather side-tracked). Seeing the empty ground makes me a little sad, I had planned to have the garden stuffed full all year long but it just didn't happen. I still have several rows of carrots and Italian (dino) kale going strong, we shall see how long they will last us. I am starting to look over this year's plant choices and deciding what I will plant again next year, and what we could do without.

Tadpole remains happily in her little apartment, ignoring all suggestions to come out. She has until the 10th to enjoy her very cramped digs before we will induce her out into the world. While we have both been very healthy throughout the entire pregnancy I am starting to have some minor issues that could quickly become big, and scary. As much as I was hoping to avoid induction this time if she doesn't make her move soon we'll have to go that route to avoid them. Oh well, as long as we both get through the birth healthy and whole I'll be happy.

With the cold, damp morning settling into my bones I was very tempted to build a fire and snuggle down in front of the flames with a blanket and a good book, but I knew from experience that the house would quickly become a sauna. Plus, the weather report said the sun was supposed to burn off the fog and it would become warm, so it seemed kinda silly to waste the firewood. I had a desire to whip up something fallish and as I threw together a quick breakfast I noticed the veggie drawer was full of carrots.

Mmmmm. Carrots

Carrot cake seemed like the obvious solution, one with lots of warm cinnamon and cardamon, but I wanted to do something a little fancier. I opted to make cupcakes using The Cupcake Project's Paleo Diet Carrot Cupcakes recipe.

I cranked up my Halloween Classics playlist and started shredding and mixing. It is that time of year after all. While the cupcakes baked we decorated the house with pumpkins, ghosts, and lights.

Since we have no issues with dairy I made a cream cheese frosting from the Food Lover's Kitchen but The Cupcake Project also has a recipe for whipped coconut icing that looks tasty if you don't eat dairy.

The cupcakes turned out wonderful! The texture is exactly like flour carrot cupcakes and the flavor is delicious-delicately carroty with hints of sweetness and spice. For myself I would add more cinnamon in the next batch, but I like strong, spicy, carrot goods.  The cream cheese icing was a little tangier than expected but I did run out of maple syrup so it wasn't as sweet as the recipe means it to be. All in all a nice little treat to go with a cup of tea while I watched Hubby spread mulch around the gardens.

Ohhh I can't wait for this kid to be born so I can easily bend and lift and move things again.

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