Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Still Seeing Stars

Last week the whole family went up to Portland to attend an event hosted by Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo, Bill and Hayley of Primal Palate, and Diane of Balanced Bites.

It was a blast!! There were so many people there, over 400! Can you believe it? I couldn't and I was there.

Before the meet and greet the team answered questions about leaky gut, snacks, dealing with unwanted food gifts, and pressure from family/friends to eat treats. Michelle shared Melissa of The Clothes That Make The Girl's tip for unwanted foods: "Not right now." This was great advice, especially since my folks visited the day after the event. I love my family but they are hard-core carb addicts. "Not right now" was a perfect solution-no one's feelings were hurt and I managed to eat (mostly) clean.

It was great to meet the writers that I've been stalking, mean following, the past few years. Even though the event went much later than expected they stayed upbeat and cheerful. As did the kiddos, though Munchkin was definitely on her last legs toward the end. Thank you all for a great evening!

Since we were in Portland we stopped by the fancy piggy place: Tails and Trotters. The butchery is focused solely on pigs finished on hazelnuts, much like the famed Jamon Iberico of Spain (only they get acorns). I had tried some of their products at my local butcher but, since we were near the flagship store, I had to stop.

So many yummy things! We snagged a basketful of goodies and then decided to order sandwiches. Their prosciutto is amazing!

The pork belly is currently sitting in the fridge, awaiting Nom Nom Paleo's Sui Yoke treatment.

All in all it was a long week with tons of visiting. I'm glad our social calender is finally settling back into a routine, though I'm sad that my family had to go home. They live much too far away and I don't get to see them nearly enough.

Ah well, pork belly to the rescue!

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