Monday, January 27, 2014

January Garden Update

A few days of sunny weather and I'm itching to plant something. The garden is more of a mudpit though.

My cover crop. Yeah, I planted WAY too late.
The seed catalogs are here and I've spent hours pouring over gorgeous pictures of cucumbers, tomatoes, and flowers. What should I try this year? What should I bring back?


I'll start with these. No promises not to get more.
While going through my seed collection I found several packages of older greens hiding amongst flower seeds. Not sure how old they are so I mixed them altogether and heavily seeded a protected corner of the garden. It may be too early to throw anything out there but these types of plants prefer cooler weather and heck, it can't hurt.

I probably just brought about a mid-March snowstorm.

While the garden is mostly mud the flower beds are starting to show signs of life. Its always interesting to see what comes up where since the moles like to move my bulbs around.

But for the most part they are still a sea of textures. And weeds, but lets ignore them. (Technically those are edible dandelions so they are early greens, not weeds. Positive thinking!)

And even though its cold and (usually gloomy) I still have a bit of flutter keeping me company.

A pair of Anna's Hummingbirds are still hanging around. Its the first year I've had hummingbirds overwinter and they really brighten the day with their antics.

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