Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back in the Kitchen

Hi everyone! Sorry for the silence, I decided to take a break from the internet for a couple days.

Summer has magically appeared and today is hot and sunny. For breakfast I fried up a couple eggs and sausage patties:

As long as I just eat the yolk this is one tasty meal. I really like the sugar-free pork sausage we get from Long's Meat Market. It is very good, especially dipped in egg yolk.

I cleaned out the fridge and threw together a pot of chicken bones for bone broth. With the sunny weather we probably won't be having hot soup again till fall, but its always good to have different flavors of bone broth saved in the freezer. Plus, I feel bad throwing bones away that I haven't simmered for hours.

For lunch I warmed up leftovers (baked chicken breast with gravy) from the weekend and threw together a salad.

Remember how I said a few days ago that I really need an ice cream maker? I got one!

This make and model has gotten great reviews from the Paleo Parents so I figured it would be a safe bet. I still haven't gotten to the store so I don't have any of the ingredients I need but I can't wait to try the Paleo Parents' Salted Nut and Caramel recipe or the Primal Palate's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or maybe just a rich, rich vanilla bean. Mmmm...summer's here and this preggie wants ICE CREAM!

While Munchkin napped I nibbled on the last square of Theo's 70% Dark Chocolate with Salted Almonds, and an entire bar of Theo's 70% Dark Chocolate with Spicy Chile. I really didn't mean to eat all of it but it was sitting right there and I'd have another square and suddenly...*sigh* I can't even say it was really good, honestly it tasted like normal dark chocolate with this odd end note of...something. It wasn't really heat, wasn't really spice, wasn't really...anything.

For supper I grilled a tri-tip roast after marinating it in a dry rub of salt, garlic, red pepper, and black pepper; sauteed fresh green beans then cloaked them with a demi-glaze sauce (which promptly broke-gah! I need to take a cooking class...or three), and nuked some taters in the microwave for a starch. I'm not a big lover of potatoes, they were the most eaten starch of my childhood and I'd much rather have rice or nothing at this point. But, I'd gotten a couple with intention of making a chowder when it was cold and, now that it's hot and no one wants soup, I didn't want them to go to waste.

I'd been fighting a headache all afternoon and between that and getting overheated fussing with my sauce my stomach waged a mutiny by the time supper was plated. I opted to hide in the AC-cooled bedroom chugging ice water while everyone else ate, but here's a pic of Hubby's plate:

Munchkin didn't care for the green beans but Hubby said they were tasty. The local farmer's market starts up on Friday and I can't wait to pick up more fresh veggies. I sense more kitchen experiments in the future.

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