Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Budget Review-Week 1

Oh...goodness! Am I ever glad that Hubby's last day is this week so we had a week to "practice" and do any tweaks needed to the budget because...well...

This is just flat embarrassing but here goes:

Farmer's Markets: $29
Farm visits: $34
Grocery Store: $85
Total:       $148

So the weekly budget is $84.25. Yikes! I mean....YIKES!!! We spent that just at the box store! Well, I know what the issue is, I walk in with a list but something (I don't need) is on sale, or there's a new product that looks interesting, or I walk past a display of something shiny and decide to add it to the menu. Half the time that new item doesn't taste as good as expected, or fit in with the menu like I hoped, and ends up becoming mush in the back of the fridge till its dumped on the compost heap.

Sticking to the list is going to be this week's main budget goal.  No detours!

The week was cool and rainy but we managed to get out to the farm and pick cherries on Sunday. In about 20 minutes we picked close to 24 pounds of cherries and I've been busy pitting and packing them for winter. So far I have put up 3 quarts of whole cherries in a light syrup (water, cherry juice, and a touch of honey), made a huge cherry cheesecake, and have plans for a mess of cherry jam and liquors.

The garden is coming along. The pumpkins and other squashes are doing great and the pole beans are climbing up the trellis. The tomatoes seem to be at a stand-still, just like they do every June when the weather is rainy. I really need to get out there and weed though.  Right now the weeds are only a half inch high but I know next time I turn around they'll be a foot or more if I ignore them much longer.

I haven't been cooking anything exciting lately, mostly your basic grilled proteins and steamed veggies. At the moment the fridge is so full of bags of cherries awaiting the jar that I'm trying to not have leftovers-there just isn't room for another container! Its times like this I really wish I had a second fridge. It would be a waste, but it would sure be nice.

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