Saturday, June 1, 2013

Merry June 1st!

Wanna see what I had for breakfast?

Yep, a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. I don't even WANT to know what's in this thing because I'm sure its horrible for you but I needed caffeine if I was going to stay awake while in town. Yes, I know there are healthier things at Starbucks (like, just regular coffee) but I said "screw it"-which is how I usually get in trouble. Oh well, a little bit of jitters and a slight headache later everything was good.

I made up for it at lunch: polish sausage pan-fried in duck fat, onions sauteed in the 'dirty' pan of left over grease, a big heap of sauerkraut, and a handful of snow peas and carrots.

The afternoon was, thankfully, much quieter than the morning's rush, since it was spent working in the garden. I really need to go to town more often so I stop trying to run a hundred errands in one day. And I didn't make it to the grocery store (frappuccino power was fading by that point) which means I have to go back in. Ugh. It was the one thing that didn't get done, but it forces me to use up what little is left in the house, which means there shouldn't be anything to waste. Poor chickens, they prefer it when I'm not so frugal, more treats for them.

For supper I defrosted a whole chicken, browned it in duck fat (thank goodness for buying meat in bulk a few months ago, the freezer still has something in it); then baked it till crispy and golden. The veggie drawer yielded a bunch of slightly wilted kale. After soaking in water for an hour they perked up and were soon sauteed with bacon. For a third side I warmed up the final spoonfuls of mashed yam. Next time I'm not making so much at once, a week's worth of mashed yam is waaaay too much. Munchkin gave it the evil eye when she noticed it on her plate. Note to self: Don't serve yams for a while.

I am beat and I still have a bunch of flowers to plant tomorrow. Oh well, the sun was out all day today, and tomorrow its supposed to be sunny as well. I wonder if I'll jinx it if I drag out the pool and set it up? It's officially summer now, right?

Merry June 1st everyone!

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