Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Garden Update

The garden is slowly coming along. The past few weeks of hot weather has brought on tons of flowers of even some baby squashes. No doubt in another week or two I'll be up to my eyeballs in zucchini.

Spaghetti squash blossom.This year I'm trying more vertical gardening techniques and so far the spaghettis are doing AWESOME! Better than they've done in the past 3 years of planting. 

Little baby spaghetti. I'll have to figure out someway to support the weight as they get bigger. I've seen others use mesh bags, or even knit little purses. My knitting skills are non-existent so its doubtful they'll get the cute fuzzy treatment.

One of the zucchini plants. I only planted three thinking that would be just enough. Maybe I should have stuck to one.

The potatoes did extremely well. So well in fact they were choking each other and everything around them out so I pulled them early. Got quite a bit of taters for how few plants I put in though.

The leafy plants are doing fairly well, if growing very slowly. The tomatoes are starting to flower and I took the first cutting of broccoli yesterday, while the carrots and onions are looking lush and strong. 

In the flower beds the bees are busy, busy, busy.

And best of all Hubby started on the blueberry bed. Which is awesome since Munchkin denuded the two poor bushes we already have. Time to add more bushes. (And fix the fence *sigh*.)

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