Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why I Still Buy Sugar

A couple weeks ago I was at Costco. As I was waiting in line I was discreetly checking out the other carts and playing little mind games to keep myself occupied. Ooohhhh look at all the beer and chips! Someone must be having a party! Hey look, I bet that person is a paleo/primal peep too (should I grab some sausages while I'm here?)-you know, the same stuff the rest of you do (admit it).

I was pretty proud of my own choices until the 10 pound bag of sugar in my cart caught my eye. What card-carrying member of the primal tribe buys a TEN POUND bag of sugar. The Paleo Police would have me arrested and put into solitary, and even the more relaxed primal peeps would be shaking their collective heads in sadness.

Don't worry folks. Its not for me.

At some point I will start up the kombucha brewing system again (and we'll start using sugar to feed the SCOBY) but until then the tiny feathery bombs are the only ones in the house enjoying the stuff.

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