Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Budget Review- Week 4

Its that time of the week again!

Total: $125.89

Produce- $15.73
Meat- $0.00
Canning- $33.42
Dairy/Eggs- $10.67
Non-Food- $0.00
Misc- $66.07

Still not where I want to be but its getting better. I know Hubby is working on curbing his sugary/carby fixes (notice the Misc is going down?) but its still an area that needs some work. I went over budget in the canning department since it was the last week of U-Pick cherries and we ended up picking way more than we needed. Thankfully they freeze well and once it cools off I'll turn them into jams.

This next week looks to be expensive, what with almost all our non-food items (such as laundry soap) are running low. Today we'll make a run to Costco to stock back up and I cringe at what its going to do to the budget. Buying bulk does save quite a bit though, we'll just have to keep that Misc category down to balance things for the week.

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