Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Budget Review- Week 2

The last week of June was rather spendy for the household, but it was expected:

Total: $746.27

Produce- $304.33
Meats- $313.77
Canning- $32.14
Dairy/Eggs- $9.14
Misc- $86.89

Yeah, $700+ bucks was a lot to pony up at once but I now have a freezer stuffed with meat (at least 3 months' worth) and the CSA will last till December, which means our veggies are covered for the next 5 or so months. So...its a lot at once but when you look at the numbers spread out it made sense to go this route. 

We did manage to stay closer to the grocery lists this week, but still went off-list a couple times. That Misc. category really needs to be controlled. Some of those items were non-food, but many were *cough* off-road items that I hadn't thought to budget in. Slight wrinkle in my plans, I didn't even think about the occasional off-road adventure (because, you know, we were going to perfect for the next 3 months without ANY off-roading. Ooops, welcome to the real world.). Hmm...how to budget that in?

Joining the CSA really freed up some cash and I'm now going to include non-food items (like toilet paper, ect) into the budget. Right now I'm shooting to stay under $84 a week, which at the moment seems more than do-able. Am I nuts? Well, lets see what the next two weeks brings.

By the way, Hubby has started a fitness program and is tracking his progress over at Martian Fitness, check him out!

Edit-OK, y'all know I'm horrible at math. Hubby pointed out that since we'd used up all our meat budget and a chunk of our produce budget then from now till September our weekly budget would be lower. 

So, after doing the math again, our weekly budget is actually around $50. If I did the math correctly this time. : )

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