Friday, May 31, 2013

What an Offal Day (Part 2-Trotters)

I woke up early this morning to my cell phone beeping. Which, if any of you have ever tried to get a hold of me you know this is a rare occurrence since A) its usually on silent, and B) I usually have no idea where it is. I managed to find it (under the bed) and silence it before Munchkin woke up (thank goodness) only to find a text message from my mom saying that they were putting their old dog down that morning. Overnight her health issues had suddenly gotten worse and they didn't want her to suffer any longer. Sadness.

By the time I responded Munchkin was stirring and was soon awake. So much for sleeping in today. I brought her into the big bed with me and we cuddled for long time. I was trying not to be sad but its hard when so many pieces of your childhood are disappearing. Even though Fat Cat and my folks' dog were pretty old for their breeds its still hard to say good-bye.

For breakfast I opted for something easy: bacon and the Paleo Parents' Frozen Waffles. Oh, lookee here! I already had waffles in the freezer! Score! After managing (somehow) to burn the bacon I soon had breakfast on the table:

Yes, burnt bacon makes me sad too. For lunch I pulled out the piggy feet. Aren't they cute?

After searching the interwebs I decided to go with this Barbequed Pigs Feet. The only BBQ sauce I have in the house is Randy's BBQ Sauce, which isn't paleo-friendly because it has brown sugar in it, but its gluten free, no preservatives (except citric acid), and comes from a small, family run catering service based in Joseph, Oregon. It is the BEST BBQ sauce on the planet and I can't wait for the owner to come up with a paleo-approve sauce (last time we chatted it was currently in the works but still needed some tweaks).

After nestling the piggy feet down with the veggies...

And popping it on the stove to simmer...

I suddenly had several hours of free time on my hands. (I'm betting this could easily be converted to a crockpot recipe.) Did I do anything productive? Well, I did finally wash that stack of dishes, but then I carried a book out on the porch, sat in the sun, and watched Munchkin and the Ol Man run around the yard. Hey, it takes WORK to synthesis Vitamin D.

After the trotters had simmered for two and half hours I pulled them out, added a bit of BBQ sauce, then tossed them in the oven for another hour.

I dug through the veggie drawers and found some sad looking ears of corn and what was left of a head of iceberg.  Here's lunch:

Verdict? TASTY! But probably not something I would do again soon, considering my family. Each bite had a wealth of textures, from the almost-melting layer of skin to the sweet bit of fat, a bit of tender, juicy meat, and chewy tendon. Munchkin alternated between exclamations of "yum!" and "yuck" with each bite, depending on how many different layers she'd gotten on her fork. I loved the different textures, it made the dish interesting and each bite was full of porky goodness, but I kinda doubt Hubby would like them. I think he'd have the same issues Munchkin had. Oh well. We also had more of the apple crisp, I had this hope it would improve over time. Nope, same bland, eh dish. *sigh*

I added the pork bones back to the broth and let it simmer the rest of the afternoon before straining and storing it in the fridge. Tomorrow I'll scrape off the fat, portion it out using an ice cube tray and freeze it for future use. Hooray for bone broth!

While Munchkin napped I cleaned out the car with every intention of washing it once she woke up. Buuuuuut....once she was up I got lazy. The hummingbirds were fighting over the feeder and I ended up sitting on the porch taking pictures.

But you aren't here for the bird pics. For supper I warmed up leftover chicken legs and tore up the rest of the iceberg:

Just so exciting, right? Don't worry, my fridge is now completely bare. Looks like I'll have to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

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