Sunday, August 19, 2012

In the Kitchen

I spent most of today in the kitchen-cleaning, cooking, cleaning again, clearing out stuff...I threw away a 5 pound bag of Splenda and a 1 pound bag of Atkins baking mix. Both had cost a pretty penny and both were long expired and hiding in the baking drawer. I hate throwing food away but now that drawer has lots of space for coconut items (chips, shredded, and meal). While normally I don't do a lot of baking (kinda defeats the purpose) with the holidays coming up I am looking forward to making paleo treats to try and woo some of my friends and family over to the paleo side.

Today I made: macadamia nut mayonnaise, poached chicken, linguine and clams, a big batch of strawberry smoothies and sliced up a bowl of strawberries for general snacking. With all this, plus a huge bowl of green salad tossed with purple cabbage and peppers, I am set for the next week for quick snacks, and easy lunches. Its Finals Week and quite frankly I am stressed to the max. Any little thing to make the week easier, right?

One more math test and then summer term is over! I can't wait. I have a pretty heavy class load scheduled for Fall term but they are very interesting classes and I am looking forward to them. Only two more years till I graduate, whoo-hoo!

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