Wednesday, August 1, 2012

W10- Busy Busy Busy

Today just seemed packed. I slept in a little bit (thank you Hubby for giving Munchkin breakfast), then suddenly remembered I had homework due and rushed through the lessons to get things finished and submitted on time, made plans (then canceled them) to do some work in the garden, had the washer guy come out and repair the machine (yay!), washed clothes, made stuff for a potluck, went to a potluck, and now, finally, am crashing in front of the computer.

Where did the time go? Honestly that doesn't seem like a very busy day and yet I feel like I've been racing around the entire time. I did not get my usual Steady workout in though I did get a nice walk around the park. Didn't get my heart rate up but it was very enjoyable. I think I will get in a better Steady workout  this weekend and just call today a Play day.

Today is Lughnasadh, a traditional Celtic holiday celebrating the first summer harvest. Which is usually wheat and corn so its a little odd to be celebrating a food group I won't eat but I love the old Celtic ways. We met up with a group in town to celebrate and shared a yummy potluck. I did have a sip of lemonade (sugar) but otherwise ignored the grains and sugar-y items though they looked very good. I just didn't want to chance a migraine. It was great meeting other crazy people like myself, and I overheard a discussion about coconut flour and paleo bread. I managed to not be rude and tackle the person talking (just barely) or interrupt but it was awesome to hear other people are interested in this way of eating. (I never did get a chance to swap ideas with her as the discussion moved on but I hope to talk with her another time.)

After the potluck we headed home and got Munchkin to bed (she'd worn herself ragged racing around and playing on the swings) before settling down with a bar of Theo Organic Ultimate 85% Dark Chocolate. I didn't care much for this one, there just wasn't much of a flavor. A hint of chocolate at the beginning, a kinda dry bitterness...and that was it.

Tomorrow I am going to try a Thai chicken recipe, knock out a couple math lessons and put in a tough Lift session. Hope you all had a Happy Lughnasadh!

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