Friday, August 24, 2012

The Dreaded Plateau

I stepped up on the scale today for my weekly weigh-in, fingers crossed that the arrow had budged. Last week I weighed the lowest in over a year but it was at this same spot last year that suddenly my weight loss stopped. I stopped losing inches, stopped being able to move the numbers, and finally got so frustrated I ended up nibbling on less desirable items and within 8 months had gained back most of what I'd lost. Oh, let's be honest, I turned into a gluttonous pig, then the holidays hit and...yeah. I didn't just fall off the wagon, I leaped yelling "wheeeeeeeeee" while cramming double-stuff Oreos in my mouth.

So, when I brushed the crumbs off back in June and got my act together I knew I might hit a snag before I reached my first major milestone. When I got on the scale last week I was pleasantly happy to finally be back to that number. Today however...

I knew it wouldn't be good. I did have more wine than usual this past week, as well as a lot more dairy. Otherwise I ate pretty clean, though with it being finals week I was under a lot of stress (which probably didn't help). I've felt bloated and ucky the past couple days so I wasn't too surprised to step up and see I'd gained half a pound (probably water weight) and that I hadn't lost any inches. I guess I should be happy that I (mostly) maintained shape for a week but I have to confess to being worried about repeating the past.

School is finally over for the summer. I took my last final today and while I don't feel I did well I'm hoping I at least snagged enough points to pass the class. I get a month off before Fall term starts and it feels GLORIOUS to not have to worry about deadlines or studying or writing papers for one whole month. Fall term is pretty packed so I am going to enjoy these days of freedom before buckling down again.

Yay! School's out!!!

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