Sunday, August 26, 2012

Special Birthday Weekend

My very cool new apron.
Hubby's birthday is Monday and we had a crazy-packed schedule for the weekend filled with birthday fun. On Saturday we dropped Munchkin off with Grandma and spent the day running errands and doing some shopping (Hubby bought me a wickedly cool apron)before catching a movie and supper.

The movie was The Campaign and was (surprisingly) pretty good. Due to timing we were kinda stuck with only one choice and thankfully it panned out. It was raunchy but not nearly as bad as I feared and Hubby and I got in some good belly laughs watching Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis duke it out.

After the movie we went to the fancy-schmancy French restaurant in town. And oh goodness, was the food good!! Totally not paleo-approved but hey, ya gotta go wild every once in a while. For starters we had grilled green beans with blue cheese and roasted hazelnuts-pretty good though I think they would have been tastier as a side to an entree rather than as a starter plate. My taste buds kept waiting for the steak to follow the bite of green bean. In honor of his Swedish roots Hubby tried an aperitif of aquavit with a salmon carpaccio bite. He said it was VERY yummy.

For salad I had the heirloom melon salad with crunchy prosciutto bits and dressed with extra virgin olive oil. I love the combination of sweet and salty. One day I am going to make this at home though I'll probably scarf it down as soon as I'm get it tossed together (if I even make it that far). Hubby opted for a basic salad of mixed greens with raspberry vinaigrette.

For the main course I had roasted lamb leg with spicy merguez sausage served with ratatouille tian and tomato jam. I couldn't help myself, I had to give the tomato jam. Well, the jam was kinda wimpy-tasted like cold mushed tomatoes to me, but the This sausage was to die for!! I must find a recipe for it!! Spicy with a crunchy bite and plenty of flavor...I tried to take small nibbles to make it last but too soon my portion was gone.The lamb was pretty good as well but the sausage was the star of the plate. Hubby had the grilled tenderloin with sweet onions, roasted veggies and a shallot demi-glaze. The meat was fork tender, the onions caramelized to perfection and the glaze perfect.

We couldn't help ourselves, we had to have dessert-gateau au chocolate with raspberry ice cream for Hubby and vanilla bean creme brulee for me. A perfect end to an awesome meal, even if I did waddle a bit as we left the building.

Today we hosted a Kraftskiva (a Swedish crayfish party) down at the lake for friends and family to celebrate Hubby's birthday. I boiled up a mess of crawdads using a Martha Stewart recipe (not paleo due to the beer but it is makes the bugs taste pretty awesome) and for the non-bug eaters I grilled a couple tri-tips using a basic dry rub of garlic, black and red pepper, and salt. The restaurant had given us a loaf of rye bread as a parting gift and we served it with dill butter (recipe below). Everyone brought a side fish and we spent the afternoon eating, making a mess, and toasting Hubby's special day.  It was a great end to a fun weekend.

Dill Butter

8 ounces butter (one cube), softened
2 tablespoon fresh dill weed
1 tablespoon sea salt

Mix  items together (I just moosh it all with a fork but whipping would give it an airy texture), adjust salt if needed. Serve. Goes great with seafood and fish.

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