Friday, August 17, 2012

Workout Challenge On Hold

My stress levels are going through the roof. I have a week left in my math class and I feel completely behind. Trying to get my brain to accept the equations and solutions leaves me with a headache and a feeling of complete panic. I know I can get through it but considering I have not done well on the previous tests I know I HAVE to do well on the final to pass the class.

No pressure. No pressure. 

I've put my Workout Challenge on hold for a bit. Instead of keeping track I'm just doing short workouts here and there-mostly air squats and incline pushups. After packing around all the dive gear I know I really need to build up some muscles by lifting heavier weights and more often. I want to get my squat form down perfect first though, so I don't hurt myself. I'd love to get to the point that hauling 50-80 pounds of bulky gear up and down slippery rock and over soft sand won't cause me to break into a sweat (let alone the huffing and puffing it does now).

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