Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 3- Where'd Summer Go?

Woke up feeling much better today: mentally more alert though physically still achy. Couple pain pills took care of that and while Munchkin happily cooked on her little stove I threw together a pork and apple hash. I didn't eat any because of the potatoes but it must have turned out good considering how fast she scarfed it down. It certainly smelled delicious.

For lunch we made a huge green salad (Munchkin helped by tasting all the veggies as they were being chopped up). She shared her nibbles with the Old Man and we found out he LOVES red bell peppers. Kinda funny watching a dog crunch down on pepper slices-it sounded like he was eating ice cubes.

The weather today felt like November: cold, raining, and dark. I had planned on grilling but ended up baking the bacon wrapped chicken instead. I'm starting to re-think tomorrow's supper plans for something more weather-appropriate. Maybe a stew? This one caught my eye during today's recipe search: Quick and Creamy Chicken Stew.

I'd hoped to go for a long walk today with Munchkin but the rain kept us indoors so instead we danced to a Sesame Street dance video and lifted weights. Nothing really exciting but it got us moving. Tomorrow I think we will brave the rain and walk to the library. Considering where I live I should be used to playing outside when its wet but I still tend to curl up on the couch and wait for the rain clouds to go away before going outdoors.

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