Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting Back on Track-Day 1

The last week and a half has been extremely stressful and I fell into a habit of eating "comfort" food, food that makes me feel safe but is not exactly healthy. I also didn't cook much so we ended up eating a lot of processed crap since it was easy and in my very distracted state I could put it together with minimal burning/destruction.

Now that the medical stuff is over we decided to get back on track and throw all the crud away. Hubby and Munchkin are back to eating primal but I decided to start Whole 30. I want to jump start my weight loss and I think it may help cleanse the body after everything that's happened. Plus it is a strict, controlled short-term way of eating and right now I feel rather out of control with my body and my feelings. Along with losing weight I am hoping the discipline may help get things back to normal.

The first day is always the easiest for me, its usually around Day 3 that the carb flu hits. I made a huge bowl of chicken salad with grapes (a summer lunch staple) and then a big salad with lettuce, belle peppers, purple cabbage, and tomatoes to go with supper. They were both very tasty. Summer is always the best (and easiest) time to do a Whole 30 challenge since there are so many fresh fruits and veggies available.

I did run into an issue making the chicken salad since it calls for mayo and no matter what oil or oils I use I cannot get home-made mayo to taste good. Everyone else says it tastes awesome but to me it always tastes stale and flavorless. Store bought mayo is usually made with soybean oil (soybeans-bad!) but I decided to allow mayo in for the 30 days since I don't use it very often (or very much when I do) and I already know from previous Whole 30 challenges that soybeans don't bother me. Since I'm doing this more to gain control over my eating habits rather than seeing what foods I react to I doubt a little mayo will be an issue.

Today is the summer solstice and I had some big plans but in the shadow of everything we decided to go with a quieter celebration. Instead of a party it was just us, sitting outside enjoying the sun, grilling up some steaks, and spending time together as a family. It was very nice. Maybe next year we'll do the big party with a Maypole and a huge bonfire. Happy solstice and Merry Midsommer to everyone!


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