Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 6- No One Here But Us Chickens

Hubby left early this morning for a business trip so its just us girls for the next couple of days. It was pouring down rain today so we did a lot of coloring and worked on numbers and letters. We also took the kitchen scraps out to our newest friends, Henrietta and Penelope:

They are 4 month old Light Brahma hens. Not the best egg layers in the chicken world but one of the calmest and friendliest. They already let Munchkin pet them and they looooove getting kitchen scraps, once they see us walking toward the run door they run up to the door to see what yummies we have brought. I love their "berk" noises! Henrietta is the bossy one while Penelope is more timid and the first to run into the coop if anything scary approaches. So far we haven't gotten any eggs but hopefully soon. Aren't they cool? I love the feathers on their feet.

Nothing exciting recipe-wise today, we ate up most of the leftovers so will have to do something new tomorrow. Not sure what but I'm thinking spicy.

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