Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 11- Shopping Spree!

We hit the garden store (where I bought a ton of plants, including some dahlias that will look fantastically creepy for Samhain/Halloween) and the U-Pick farm (fresh raspberries!) first, then stopped off at home to have lunch. After we ate we dropped Munchkin off at Grandma's for a play day, then Hubby and I were off. Our mission: to find a list of coconut and Whole30 approved items. Plus some summer clothes. And other stuff.  And maybe even do some "grown-up" things like eat in a fancy  restaurant or see a movie. Or...something.

First off we had to hit Walgreens (new nail polish, because I had to be all girlie), next the craft store for some Fourth of July decorations, then the Nike store for a new Nike+ sensor. Which had to be close to my favorite stop because when hubby asked if the sensors had a wrist or ankle band the salesman said no, it was designed to be worn in their shoe. I replied that I run barefoot and would need some other form of holder. Total shock. Not sure if it was the fact that I run barefoot or that someone of my size runs at all (or I committed a faux pas by admitting I don't run with Nike shoes) but it was hilarious. I had a hard time not laughing at the look on his face. Of course he then goes into a shoe selling spiel which we, as quickly and as politely as possible, escaped from.

Yes folks, I run barefoot. I hate shoes, I only wear them when I absolutely have to.

Next we hit up a few clothing stores for summer-weather shirts (it has to warm up eventually), then began the tour of health food stores. There are quite a few in town but surprisingly, none had the items we were looking for. I was starting to get discouraged thinking I'd have to order everything online when we got lucky at a mom n' pop health store downtown. They had nearly everything on our list!

 Once our shopping was done we went out to a new (to us) restaurant to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. The place offered "rustic European soul food" and for an appetizer I tried gravlax for the first time. It was...different. I'm not a big lover of fish and while the flavor was good the texture was...ew. Hubby, however, loved it and was quite happy to finish the plate. For the entree I had braised pork cheeks and kale, one of the few items that  fit the Whole30 requirements (with a few tweaks). The chef was very nice and happy to change some things so it would fit my diet. It was quite tasty!

Afterwards we hit the mall, got a wedding gift for a relative, then saw the movie "Brave" (awesome movie, and yes, we could have seen any movie and chose the kid one. Go figure.). Finally we had a quick stop at Fred Meyer's on the way to pick up Munchkin. We only needed cat litter but ended up with a bunch of fruit and veggies plus some almond flour. Altogether it was a very fun, if busy day. Sometimes its nice being an adult and not having Munchkin around but the best part of the day was seeing how her eyes lit up when we walked in the door and the sleepy hug I got as she went to bed.

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