Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I haven't been writing for a while, partially because of stuff offline and because I had some great news and was dealing with the, ha ha, side effects of it. So, to bring everyone up to date:

In April we found out that, come January, we'd have another little one running around the house. It was pretty exciting and we were looking forward to tiny toes and little outfits. Morning sickness and exhaustion took its toll, I had a hard time concentrating on school work and my grades took a dip. I ended up dropping a class to make the work load easier and hubby started working from home more so he could help with munchkin.

We decided to wait till the second trimester before sharing the happy news, the only exceptions being my family since we wanted to tell them in person and they live far away. My brother graduated from college the beginning of May (the first of us kids to do so and only the 4th in the entire family) and it was a pretty big deal. We went over for the graduation and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little teary watching him walk across the stage. We waited till the day after the graduation so as not to take away any of his thunder and it was a great surprise. Everyone was thrilled!

Fast forward to this past weekend. After a day of weeding in the garden I started bleeding. Turns out there were problems, what is medically called a blighted ovum. Basically it's an issue, usually something wrong with the chromosomes, that causes the fetus to stop being viable, in doctor-speak. They called what happened Sunday a threatened miscarriage.

Today we talked with our OB who explained all this after reviewing the ultrasound we had on Monday. We pretty much knew things were hopeless when the tech couldn't find a heartbeat; at 10-going-on-11 weeks there should have been a fairly obvious heartbeat on the monitor. The doctor had a blood test done to see what the level of pregnancy hormones were, and will do another one on Friday. She is looking to see these levels drop, once they do the miscarriage will be imminent.

Not the best of weekends. Oh, and its finals week and trying to study for tests (some of them a major portion of the grade) with all this worry and stress has not been great. I am very thankful for having such a great doctor and a wonderful, supportive husband, not to mention a two-year old with an infectious giggle that always brings me out of gloomy mood. I know these things happen and there really is nothing that can be done to stop or avoid them. Its just a part of life.

So, right now I am concentrating on finishing the term, getting the results from the blood tests back, eating healthy and healing. Kinda just taking it one day at a time, seems like the best way to get through the rest of the week.