Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 4- I Want SWEETIES!!!

OK, its not that bad but I am seriously jonesing for some chocolate. I'd be happy with 70% dark chocolate though what would be really yummy is a chocolate chip cookie. Or ice cream. Ice cream would be great too. CHOCOLATE ice cream? Even better!

Anyhow. Had a pretty good day today. Hubby got up with kiddo and fixed her a huge omelet while I lazed in bed and slept in. I really didn't need to but I wasn't going to give up the chance of an extra hour of zzz's. Plus it gave hubby and Munchkin some daddy-daughter time.

I skipped breakfast since I wasn't hungry and we all walked down to the library. It was about a mile walk round trip and we somehow timed it perfectly-right as we got ready to go the rain stopped, while we were there it poured, it stopped long enough for us to walk home, then poured just as we reached the front porch. Munchkin had a blast, we let her walk for some of the trip and I think she would have walked the entire way but we got nervous when we got onto the busier streets and had her climb in her stroller.

The library didn't have very many primal or paleo cookbooks but I was happily surprised to find:

This is a very cute book geared toward families with kids-perfect for us! Some of the recipes were pretty basic (roast chicken, roast beef, etc) but there are lots of veggie recipes that look tasty and the snacks and treat section had some very interesting recipes.

After reading the book I decided that, at the end of this Whole 30 challenge (providing I don't fall off the wagon) I'm going to get an ice cream maker. It would be great to make some of their ice cream recipes, plus its summer and ice cream would be a great treat on hot days.

Only 26 more days to go!

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