Monday, June 18, 2012

Update #2

Friday afternoon we got the results back from the blood tests: hormones levels have decreased a large amount, making this an "official" miscarriage. Man, ya gotta love doc-speak. Don't get me wrong, I love my doctor, she's one of the best in the area and a good friend, as well as my doctor, but its pretty obvious when the 'doc is in' (if you get my drift). Anyhow, I was given three options: wait for things to happen naturally (could happen tomorrow, could happen in a week or two or three), use medication to speed up the process, or go the surgical route.

I opted to go with the medication route. Normally I like to let nature take its course and to stay away from pills but this time I just wanted things to be over. It hurt too much to wait for my body to catch up with what my heart and mind knew. I ended up with a small bottle of 'the' pills, a medium bottle of pain pills and a giant bottle of anti-inflammatory/antibiotic pills. *sigh* Friday night was spent Google-ing other people's experiences with this medication, something I would NOT suggest anyone else doing.

I'll skip the utter horror Google said I would suffer through, plus what actually happened since its rather TMI (only that, while painful and messy, it wasn't anything like what Google said would happen). Suffice it to say, the medication did it's job, I had to dip into the bottle of pain pills a couple times, and today returned to the doc's for another blood test. This one came back very low-not quite into normal levels but a good sign that the medication had done its job. After a long talk with Doc it was decided I needed to come in once a week for further blood tests till my hormone levels are down to normal.


Life goes on.

I'm still not sure how I made it through my final exams but I did and passed all my classes. I am all signed up for summer and fall classes and looking forward to getting back in the grind. Munchkin and I have started taking walks and its been good to get out of the house and see all the flowers starting to bloom. I'm still pretty down but starting to heal.

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