Tuesday, July 31, 2012

W9- Stress Is Not Good (Vent)

I got in a great workout today lifting heavy stuff, enough that my arms were shaky and I felt like a superhero. Yay me!

And that was probably the best part of the day. I somehow broke the washing machine (it won't spin! arrrrrgh!!) which normally isn't an issue except I've put off washing clothes for a while (laziness) and only got through 2 loads before it died. At least I have some clean underwear...Munchkin doesn't though. I am not looking forward to hand-scrubbing her clothes in the kitchen sink. (I wonder if that would count as a Steady or Lift workout?)

Then I went out to check the garden, which is not producing because the damn gophers keep uprooting things, and found that my oregano has become a dried stump. What the heck??? Did I fall in a time warp? Last time (which was only a few days ago) I checked it was green and thick and getting ready to flower. AAAAAHHH!!! So I watered the heck out of it and crossed my fingers it would come back.

On top of that Hubby is moving into a new position at work and is stressed out and grumpy; the wedding this weekend is not helping things (it sure would be nice if wedding peeps would share a few details-like what time family is supposed to be where and such instead of getting pissy that we don't know), and Munchkin has decided that the only foods worth eating are sweet potatoes. *sigh*

We broke out Green and Black's Organic 85% Dark Chocolate tonight and gave it a try. This is probably the best so far-rich chocolate taste but not bitter, and with a hint of vanilla creaminess. I found myself snacking on the bar a little too much and had to put it out of reach (that's either a sign its really good or I'm really stressed).

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Going to go to bed early and hoping for sunshine and rainbows and fluffy ponies on the morrow-good night!

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