Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 12- So Many Flowers

Munchkin was a little slower today (still worn out from playing with Grandma, plus I'm sure Grandma gives her more treats than she normally gets at home) so her and Hubby took it easy cuddled up on the couch watching movies while I planted all my pretties. The gardens looks so nice with the additional color.

I'm really tickled with the three dahlias I picked up: two are called Mystic Enchantment (red) and one is called Mystic Spirit (pale orange). I planted them in front of the burning bush. Once fall comes the dark purple leaves should mesh well with the bush's autumn red while the flowers will stand out against both colors. I also transplanted a bunch of California poppies into an arc around the bottom of the to complete the color scheme. It already looks pretty nice but when fall comes its going to look so cool!

Is it sad that I am already planting and planning for Samhain/Halloween? It's my favorite holiday!

After getting everything planted (I had also gotten several Hot Mama salvias, a pack of heliotrope, an entire flat of Sweet Williams, and a few others) I weeded the bulb gardens (and added some Sweet Williams to fill in the gaps where the English bluebells have died back) and the veggie garden.

I sweet talked the tomatoes and begged the corn to grow as I worked around them-they are still rather puny. The broccoli, bush beans, bok choy and lettuces are doing fairly well, everything else is waiting for hot, sunny days. The Weather Channel says that it should get warmer toward the middle of the week and the clouds should clear off in time for the fireworks. While we don't have any plans yet for the Fourth it will be nice to have sunshine. Maybe the pool will be warm enough for a swim.

During yesterday's shopping spree I picked up a bunch of mustard greens to try. We've been slowly adding more leafy greens into our recipe collection and while Hubby loves Swiss Chard no one else cared for it and no one liked kale (even kale chips). So, mustard greens this week, maybe turnip greens next week. The mustard greens have a very nice raw flavor, almost like minor's lettuce with a peppery end note. I think they would work well in a green salad and even Hubby agreed they were pretty tasty as is.

For supper I cooked some bacon and rendered out it's fat, caramelized diced onions in the fat and then added washed, chopped mustard greens. I let everything cook, stirring occasionally till the greens were wilted and added seasonings. I overdid the salt (forgot how salty the bacon was) but otherwise it was a very good dish. Even Munchkin enjoyed it though she did need some coaxing to try a bite.

Tomorrow summer term starts and the dreaded math class begins.  Only two more years to go before I graduate!

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