Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hubby headed out for a week long trip to LA to smooze with his southern team but not before frying up a couple eggs for Munchkin while I slowly crawled out of bed. Once upon a time I was a morning person-up before the sun, now? Not so much. In fact, if I could sleep till noon every day that would be awesome. Someone convince the toddler to sleep in.

For breakfast I had a banana. Eh, just not hungry when I wake up anymore.

Since Hubby's out of town I decided to pull out the chicken hearts and pig's feet I got last week to defrost and experiment with a few recipes. Who knows, I might start slipping some offal in his meals without him realizing it-aren't I a sneaky bugger? Yeah, I know.

For lunch I piled up a bunch of leftover meaty goodness on my plate and added a salad:

Easy stuff.

While Munchkin napped I attacked the mountain of laundry and finally found the floor of the pantry. Someone remind me not to wait till no one has undies before washing clothes again. While I babysat the washer and dryer I snacked on a bar of dark chocolate (yeah, I ate the whole thing) and a nectarine.

For supper I roasted half a chicken on top of a pile of veggies following Nom Nom Paleo's Easiest Roast Chicken Ever recipe...

...and nuked a couple yams that were peeled and smashed with butter (for Munchkin).

Supper is served!

I hate when Hubby is gone, but man is it nice to have full control of the remote control (new episodes of New Scandinavian Cooking on the DVR!). Plus, there's nothing like being able to hog all the blankets and pillows without someone stealing them back in the middle of the night.


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