Thursday, May 16, 2013

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, the wonders of a good night's sleep. Hubby had cleaned the kitchen before he left for a biz trip and it sparkled. I don't know what it is about a clean kitchen but it drives me to destruction faster than someone trying to sneak tofu bacon onto my plate. I love the sparkle...and can't handle it. So, rather than whip up a simple breakfast (you know, one that only takes a pan or two and a few plates and leaves the kitchen fairly clean?) I opted for waffles.

Yes, you can eat waffles while living the paleo life.

I got out my How to Eat Like a Dinosaur book (where is YOUR copy?) and threw together a batch of frozen waffles with Munchkin's help. While these waffles aren't the best (high Omega-6s from the nuts, lots of sugar from the fruit) they make a great treat once in a while. We had a blast chopping and whipping. Soon the kitchen was a complete mess, oh well.

No, I didn't eat all of those waffles, I only had two. I had planned to fry up some sausage links but a search through the freezer showed we were out *sadness*. Oh well, the waffles were enough to fill us up, though their lack of protein and fats had me wandering the cupboards by 11am.

For lunch I picked some spinach from the garden...

...And tossed together a green salad with lettuce, cabbage, spinach, belle peppers, and carrots. I like having a green salad already waiting in the fridge so I tend to make a gigantic one that I can parcel out over the next couple days. I diced a leftover pork chop and warmed it up along with some sauteed Brussels sprouts I found lurking in the back of the fridge, dumped those on top of some salad and shoveled away.

While Munchkin took a nap I worked on the mountain of laundry and snacked on the last of my cherries.

I'm still craving cherries but they are so expensive now, and (according to Hubby) really not that great tasting. *sigh* What can you expect from something getting shipped a couple hundred miles? Oregon cherries won't be ready till June/July though. Ahhhhhhhh!!! The agony of waiting!!

I had the nibbles in the afternoon so I split an apple with Munchkin and ate a spoonful of coconut butter.

For supper I warmed up the leftover beef stew.

Off to bed since I have an early doctor's appointment tomorrow, plus a slew of other errands to run while we are in town. Night y'all!

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