Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It Feels Like Autumn

I woke up this morning to pouring down rain, wind, and falling temperatures. It felt so much like October I expected to look outside and see that the trees had changed color. Nope, no time warp, just a chilly day. While I was watching the rain fall Dad sent me a picture of their back porch:

OK, I'll stop whining about it being cold and rainy.

For breakfast Munchkin and I whipped up a batch of Lemon and Blueberry Muffins from the new cookbook.

They were very tasty, the combination of lemon and blueberry were bright and summery and the recipe was quick and easy to put together, even with the assistance of a starving toddler. This recipe is definitely a keeper.

Since it was so cold I built a small fire to warm up the house. The smell of wood smoke with the sound of pouring rain put me in the mood for an easy, autumn-ish supper. I defrosted a tri-tip roast and tossed it in the crock-pot with bone broth, half an onion, 5 garlic gloves, a bay leaf, and lots of carrots.

For lunch I threw together a huge salad made up of leftover grilled chicken and steak, green salad, and green bean salad.

Apparently my eyes were much bigger than my stomach because I couldn't finish it. Oh well, the chickens will love the rest, and now I have a clean fridge!

By mid-afternoon the house was filled with the aroma of beefy pot roast. I seriously debated making an apple pie (yep, a recipe from "Gather") but decided that was too much work. The cold weather had me feeling extremely lazy so I compromised by lighting apple-cinnamon candles. Ahhh.....if I close my eyes it could be harvest season.

Throughout the afternoon I grazed on an apple, an ounce of dark chocolate, and several spoonfuls of coconut butter. I wasn't really hungry, just had a horrible case of the nibbles.

I let the roast cook on low for 6 hours, then pulled it from the crock pot and let it rest while I strained the veggies from the liquid and prepped the salad. Here's my plate:

The carrots were awesome, but the meat was just a tad dry, turning me into a McKayla Maroney twin.

*sigh* Oh well. I shredded the rest of the roast and added some of the pot liquor to it. It'll be great for lettuce cups, frittatas, as is... I love having extra protein around. Once I got Munchkin tucked into bed I settled down with an ounce of dark chocolate to watch the premier of MasterChef.

And yeah, I got emotional when George auditioned his Greek Wedding Soup. What can I say, I'm a sap. 

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