Thursday, May 30, 2013

Top Chef? Not This Gardener

I woke up this morning in a great mood. Funny how getting a full nine hours of solid rest will do that to a person. I was actually hungry and in the mood for runny egg yolks. I fried up spicy chicken sausages in duck fat, plus a couple eggs over easy. Since I had a pan of duck grease just sitting there I tossed in the last of the mushrooms. I wasn't sure how my taste-buds would react to the eggs, especially since they've started tasting nasty no matter how I cook them, so instead of making a mini mountain of food and letting egg yolk drip over everything I separated the poor egg way away from the sausage and mushrooms.

Poor, lonely, egg.

The egg yolk was delicious!!! Especially with a hunk of sausage and mushroom drug through it. The egg white? *shudder* Now I know where the problem lies. Yuck...just the memory!!! Yuck yuck, yuck!! No more eggs whites for this girl, unless they are cooked in something like muffins or cookies or something like that.

Since it was (again) a cold and rainy day I decided to experiment with a fall-time favorite: apple crisp. After searching the web and not finding a recipe that tickled my palate I decided to wing it and see what happens. What could go wrong, right?

For lunch Munchkin and I split the rest of the chicken hearts. Since there weren't that many left I gave most to the kiddo and added carrot sticks and pastrami roll-ups (nuked pastrami, slice of bell pepper, slice of cheddar) to my plate.

This is how good the hearts were: Munchkin was unrolling the bacon, putting it aside, and just eating the hearts.  That's right, she was ignoring the bacon!! I'm not sure whether to be proud (look at my kid eating guts) or horrified (wasted bacon!). Not that the bacon went to waste, she did eventually go back and eat it, but there is the principle of the matter. I mean, chicken hearts are good but they don't trump bacon.

After lunch we tried the crisp.

Verdict? Eh...decent for a first try but the crisp part was rather dry and bland (even with a little heavy cream added) and the apple part needed to be cooked longer, or better apples used, or...something. *shrug* Well, I never said I was a chef. I'll just search the mighty Interwebs again, there's gotta be a stunning apple crisp recipe out there.

While Munchkin napped I nibbled on a square of Theo 70% dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds before doing a workout: 10 (very slow) burpees followed by 20 minutes of weight lifting. The doc cleared me to lift up to 30 pounds so I have no excuse not to be lifting, or working out.

For supper I roasted chicken legs, warmed up the last of the mashed yams, and nuked green beans with butter.

Not the most exciting meal but it was food. I was tempted to do a quick kale saute but that would have included prepping the kale-way too much work compared to opening a can of green beans. By 5pm I was exhausted and ready for bed. As soon as Munchkin was down I finished my work, ignored the sink stacked high with dirty dishes, and crawled into bed.

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