Friday, May 24, 2013

Its Friday!

Whoo-hoo its Friday!

For breakfast I had an apple and a spoonful of coconut butter. What can I say? I just wasn't hungry. Hubby fried eggs in butter for himself and Munchkin so at least they filled their bellies with good, healthy, fats and proteins.

Late in the morning we headed to the barn. Pony's new mommy met us there and soon she was off to her new home. It was sad to say good-bye but I know she is going to an excellent home where she'll get the attention I just can't give right now, and its really not fair to her to stand around being bored. Being pony-less sucks though. (No worries, in a few years we'll get Munchkin(s) a pony and we'll be back at the barn.)

Afterwards we packed up all my horsey gear, said good-bye to the barn (for now), and ran into town to get some groceries. I didn't have a long list but I was running low on kale and a few other items. After spending more than I planned at Market of Choice (I even stuck to my list! somewhat!) we hit the local grocery store where I discovered pig's feet and chicken hearts. Hmmm....

Yep, I got them. No idea what I'm going to do with them yet, but heck, the look on Hubby's face when he saw the trotters in the bag was worth the purchase. Anyone have a tried n' true recipe they want to share?

By the time we got home it was getting late and we were all starving. I warmed up a couple leftover grilled Polish dog with a little cheddar, then added a big spoonful of saurkraut:

Yum! I plan to get a couple cabbages from the Lane County Farmer's Market tomorrow and try out Diane Sanfilippo's (of Balanced Bites) raw sauerkraut recipe. I knew it would take a week or more to be ready though, so I picked up Bubbies Old Fashioned Sauerkraut from Market of Choice to tide me over. I love how it only has cabbage, water, and salt; just like how I make it. I really need to eat more fermented foods (and so do you).

The sun started to peek out in the afternoon and by suppertime it was feeling early summer-ish. I ground up a batch of 50/50 burgers and grilled them with fresh pineapple...

...melted a bit of Gruyere over the burgers, layered everything together, wrapped it in lettuce and stuffed it in my face. (Oh, and I baked sweet potato chips as a side). It was so good I had to have another. Ma belly is haaaaaaaaaaaapppy!!

After sudsing down Munchkin and getting her to bed I waddled to the couch. Oooomph! That second burger may not have been such a good idea, belly still happy but very, very, VERY full. Darn kid is starting to take up real estate.

Happy Friday y'all!

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