Saturday, May 18, 2013

I woke up this morning to cold rain and a soaked yard. Eeeeiiii!! There went my plans for a day out in the yard. *sigh*

For breakfast I fried up bulk sausage from Long's Meat Market. Mmmmmm porky goodness! Once they were done I fried a couple eggs from our hens in the grease. I love having our very own free-range, no-soy eggs right out the backdoor.

Breakfast is served!

Since my nesting instincts were in full force and I couldn't work in the garden I decided to attacked our closet. It was getting harder to open the doors since I have this tendency to pile clothes that don't fit/wrong season/don't-like-at-this-particular-second on the floor.

Oh geez, when was the last time I'd gone through this mess?? Between losing weight last year, then gaining some back with the pregnancy in new areas, I had a ton of outfits that were way too big, too small (for now), and some that just needed to be retired to the rag bag. Three hours later I had an organized, color-coordinated wardrobe with a big bag for donations and tons of fabric for sewing. I have plans to try this and this and this. (And yes, Munchkin's closet is worse. Strangely, the child has three times the amount of clothes Hubby and I have. No idea why *hums innocently*.)

Of course, this made Hubby's side look messy so I drug him into the bedroom to organize it. He gets mad when I do it, apparently I throw away things that are "precious". While Hubby took stuff down to the donation drop off I threw together a lunch of leftovers for Munchkin. I was still full from breakfast so didn't bother putting an actual plate together, just snacked on cherries and a few slices of high quality provolone cheese. (Sorry, no pic.)

The Oregon State Beavers baseball team played the Oregon Ducks in the Civil War Series this afternoon. We had to watch the game and cheer on our boys in black and orange.They won! WHOO-HOO! That means they just have to win the game tomorrow to win the conference (or tie it or...something, I'm not sure which). Go Beavs!!

During the game we nibbled on slices of cold steak, baby carrots, provolone, and strawberries.

For supper Hubby requested Adiells sausage and Mezzetta Napa Valley Bistro Home-made Marinara Sauce, with zucchini noodles. Ohhhhhhh an easy supper, love it! I grilled the sausages, warmed up the sauce, julienned and steamed the zucchini, and within 30 minutes we were sitting down to eat.

Once Munchkin was bathed, storied, and tucked into bed, Hubby and I split a Theo Cherry and Almond Dark Chocolate bar. It was ok, Hubby really liked it but eh, I prefer the sea salt and chocolate blends.

Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine, or at least no rain, tomorrow. I've got so much gardening to do!!

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