Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 13- So Many Recipes

It was stormy today but Munchkin and I kept busy by cleaning the house and shampooing the master bedroom carpet. Super exciting, huh?

I didn't try any new recipes, didn't work out (unless carting water and shampoo back and forth count), didn't really do much today. I just felt lazy. And all proud since I'd been meaning to shampoo that carpet Yeah, I put it off. But now the bedroom smells wonderful and the carpet is so soft and fluffy.

I did spend a lot of time online looking for Fourth of July recipes. Probably not a good idea since I got caught in the cookie/brownie/bar/snackie recipe vortex which had me yearning for a triple chocolate something like mad. All the recipes were paleo/primal approved but I'm doubting they are allowed for Whole30 (there's that whole break-your-snackies-addiction-thing).  I saved a couple to make for the Fourth though. Just because I am denying myself doesn't mean Munchkin or Hubby need to.

My utter favorite (based on ingredients and drool-worthy picture) was the Sweet Potato Paleo Brownies. These look amazing!

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